Promotional Terms - 50% off selected packages

  • 50% off our Self-Tenant Find and Assisted Management services - The first 100 properties registered for our Self-Tenant Find service will receive 50% off per property registered. This means a fee of 5% of annual rent down to just 2.5%.  The first 50 properties registered for our Assisted management service will also receive 50% off for their first 12 months with us. This means a fee of 6% of monthly rent down to just 3%.
  • Offer period length - Offer period lasts for 12 months
  • Bank details - You will need to provide bank details to participate in the trial. This is to allow us to administer any payments due to you or us.
  • What happens at the end of the trial? You will be automatically moved onto our standard service at the end of the trial and our standard fees will apply See our standard fees. Please contact us before the end of the trial if you do not want to continue -
  • What terms and conditions apply? Except as set out here, our standard terms and conditions apply during and after trial.
  • Cancellation Rights: Your consumer cancellation rights will still apply at the end of the trial. This is unless you have instructed us to undertake an immediate start to our services

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